Proof 4 Press

Proof 4 Press is a contract proofing service from Idea Digital Imaging Ltd.

We’re a London-based, pre-press business with more than twenty years experience in commercial proofing, drum scanning and retouching.

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Why is the background of my contract proof tinted?

FOGRA contract proofs are the most accurate and cost-effective method of simulating how your images and artworks will appear in print.

The proofing papers that we use are brighter than most print media and would therefore produce a brighter and more contrasty result than you’d achieve on press.

So it is especially important that contract proof simulates the colour of the paper as well as the ink.

You will see the paper simulation extending out to surround the trim marks on your page and also around the colour patches of the media wedge.

If you are proofing images rather than pages, you should consider adding ten millimetres of white around the image prior to proofing. This ensures that your eye uses the media white rather than the white base of the proofing paper when assessing the proof.

Why use Contract Proofs?

Contract proofs serve a number of useful purposes.

The most important is setting the standard that the printer must meet to fulfil the contract that you enter with them when buying print. Whether you are spending £500 or £5,000,000 supplying an indepedently produced contract proof will protect you from having to accept poor printing.

Printers are happier working with customers who supply contract proofs too. Contract proofs give them a realistic quality standard to achieve (or exceed). They also ensure that any artwork problems have been spotted and resolved before the job is submitted to them.

Contract proofs may also be used for earlier in the creative process, during presentations so that your customers aren’t mislead by unachievable colours for CMYK print campaigns and disappointed by the finished results.

They can also be used creatively, to experiment with printing techniques before commiting to an expensive print run. Unlike conventional printing, there are NO additional costs and NO limits to the number of special colours that you can run on a contract proof.

Techniques that are difficult to visualise accurately on screen, like overprints and duotones, are precisely rendered on contract proofs. You can also check for colour consistency across different press types and different continents for worldwide advertising campaigns.

If you have specific questions about how contract proofing can help you, please call us now on 020 7739 5554.

Contract Proofing Price List


Certified FOGRA contract proofing prices:

  • A3 = £25
  • A2 = £45
  • A1 = £75
  • A0 = £125

All proofs are made on GMG Semimatte 250 gsm Proofing Paper and to the FOGRA39L (ISO Coated v2) colour profile as standard.

Other proofing media available on request, including:

GMG Semimatte OBA 250gsm
GMG Matte OBA 150gsm
GMG Gloss 250gsm
GMG Matte 140gsm
GMG Semimatte Light 190gsm
GMG Newsprint 80gsm